Teaching Resources for High School & College Physics Courses

Physics Curriculum & Instruction educational software programs address a variety of topics in physics, astronomy, and physical science. These highly-acclaimed software programs have become standard education tools in high schools and colleges throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and many countries worldwide. The depth and versatility of these software programs makes them ideally suited for use in a lab or lecture setting.

All of our software titles come with free phone tech support for the life of the program. Upgrades to new software versions can be purchased at a 50% discount off the regular price. A free 15 day preview is available for all our software titles.

Exploration of Physics: Simulation Library Vol. I
Comprehensive Collection of Physics Simulations & Labs
Covering a Full Year of Introductory Physics

Exploration of Physical Science: Simulation Library Vol. II
Comprehensive Collection of Physical Science Simulations & Labs
Designed to Complement the Vol. I Collection

Fundamental Science Skills
Self-Guided Interactive Learning Modules that Teach Vital Skills
Students Need Early-On in a Physics or Physical Science Course

Physics of Sports
Simulations that Illustrate Physics Principles in Many Popular Sports
Basketball, Baseball, Gymnastics, Diving, Biking, Downhill Skiing, and many more

Electrostatics 3D
Electric Field & Electric Potential Simulator Utilizing 2D and 3D Environments

Magnetism 3D
Magnetic Field Simulator Utilizing 2D and 3D Environments

Interactive Physics

Physics Simulation Software

Virtual Astronomy Laboratory
Computer-Based Labs for Introductory Astronomy