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Similar to Electrostatics 3D, Magnetism 3D is an interactive software program that allows students to study magnetic fields using a variety of stunning visualization methods. Magnetism 3D utilizes colorful two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics to display magnetic field lines for current-carrying straight wires, current-carrying wire loops, solenoids, and permanent magnets.

The three-dimensional graphics can be rotated in space about multiple axes for a true 3D perspective. The user is provided with a wide variety of simple to use tools that permit any desired configuration comprised of any number of objects to be created on-screen. Simply click the desired object from the toolbar, input the chosen parameters, and position the object on-screen.

Software Features:

  • View magnetic field lines in a 2D and 3D environment.

  • Choose from a variety of magnetic field generating objects that may be used in any combination including: current-carrying straight wires, current-carrying wire loops, solenoids (with or without an iron core), and permanent magnets.

  • All objects can be customized by inputting values such as current, length, radius, loops per centimeter . . .

  • View options include: 3D space, 3D topographic mapping, 2D surface, 2D color-coded mapping & linear integral convolution, and 2D iron filings.

  • Option to display on-screen magnetic field vectors indicating individual contributions from various objects and net magnetic field for any location.

  • Numeric display indicates strength of magnetic field at any location (both 2D and 3D environment).

  • Option to display the path of a charged particle as it moves under the influence of the magnetic field.

  • Capability to explore Ampere’s law.

  • Option to use right-handed or left-handed coordinate system in 3D environment.

  • Designed for both high school and college physics courses.


Perpetual License
(One-time fee, no expiration)
Single User: $79.00
Lab-10 License: $295.00
Lab-30 License: $459.00
Unlimited Site License: $659.00

10% discount applied to combined price when purchased with Electrostatics 3D.
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Unlimited Site License allows an unlimited number of computers to run the software at one site, student take-home privileges are granted with this license only. Distance Learning License is priced the same as the Unlimited Site License.

System Compatibility
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10

  • Software provided via Download

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