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Instructor Guide

Getting Started



Welcome to Physics LE. Physics LE has many features which you'll find helpful for creating custom homework assignments and quizzes, along with tools for managing your course. Creating homework assignments and quizzes is the core function of Physics LE and this should be the focus when first learning the system. Other features of Physics LE can be explored over time or when a particular need arises.


Steps to Getting Up and Running

  1. Complete the entire Physics LE tour. Begin on the Dashboard page and click the link Reset user tour on this page appearing in the footer. The tour provides essential information for navigating the Physics LE site and creating homework assignments and quizzes.

  2. Complete the Physics LE Student Tutorial which appears on the Course page. To start simply click on the student tutorial and then click the Attempt Assignment/Quiz now button. The student tutorial covers important information about Physics LE problems and operates in the format of a homework assignment. Both students and instructors will greatly benefit from walking through this tutorial.

  3. Review the Instructor Guide documentation. Pay particular attention to Create/Edit a Homework Assignment or Quiz and Tips: Homework Assignments and Quizzes.


The Course page is accessed from the side navigation menu, select your course name under My courses.



What Students Need to Do

Your students can create their Physics LE account in a matter of several minutes. Here are the steps students should follow:

  1. Obtain a Physics LE Access Code. Students can purchase an access code at, here is the student access code order page. (Schools may also purchase a group of access codes for distribution to students.)

  2. Go to and click on Physics LE Login. The first time here click Create new student account.

  3. Complete the New Student Account form. Select your instructor & course from the list and then enter your access code.

  4. This completes the registration. Students should be sure to read the Physics LE Student Guide which can be accessed in the footer of the Physics LE site.

NOTE: Students do not need to know a specific course code or special information pertaining to the course prior to purchasing an access code. The access codes are universal and students simply select their instructor & course from a list when registering.


Helpful Hints

  • The Physics LE Question Bank - Quick Preview appears on the Course page and is hidden from students. This provides a convenient way to preview, and become familiar with, the problems in the Physics LE Question Bank. Note that this is created in the same way a homework assignment is created, and behaves like any homework assignment. A question bank quick preview can be deleted or easily created at any time.

  • Most actions and activities originate from the Course page. You'll find it helpful to get in the habit of navigating to the Course page when you have a task to accomplish. After navigating to the Course page useful links such as Course Roster and Grades appear in the side navigation menu. The Turn Editing On button on the Course page is the first step to creating homework assignments and quizzes, clicking this button also activates controls to manage all your course content.

  • When previewing a problem from the Physics LE Question Bank a number of useful tools appear at the bottom of the preview window. These tools are only available to the instructor and can be used to display different variants for a problem and various behavior modes. Note the Fill in correct responses button will fill in the correct answer with an asterisk appearing between the numerical value and unit (e.g., 10.0*m/s). This display shows internal code and this format should not be followed, users should simply use a space between the numerical value and unit (e.g., 10.0 m/s).

  • Instructors and students can always login to Physics LE at