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Instructor Guide

Tips: Homework Assignments and Quizzes



Editing an Assignment or Quiz After Student Attempt

Once a student attempts a homework assignment or quiz you can no longer add or remove problems. However, settings on the Settings: Physics Assignment/Quiz page can still be edited. A student who is in the middle of an attempt will not see any setting changes until their next attempt.


Reviewing Student Answers to Assignments and Quizzes

For homework assignments and quizzes, you can review student responses to individual problems and edit the score received by a student on an individual problem. This can be done in the Gradebook and also on the Student Results page. See the Instructor Guide Gradebook and Summary Statistics and Student Results.


Hiding Assignments and Quizzes from Student View

Existing homework assignments or quizzes can be hidden from student view on the Course page. Also, entire Topics (Units) can be hidden from student view. This can be useful when you have a large collection of existing homework assignments or quizzes from a prior time period and wish to make the student Course page more manageable, and more focused, on only the current material.  

On the Course page click the Turn Editing On button which will give you access to the Edit menu appearing to the right of each homework assignment, quiz, or Topic section. Select Hide from this menu to hide the associated item. The instructor view will show the homework assignments and quizzes as grayed-out along with the text Hidden from students. The student view will show none of the hidden items nor any text, the hidden items will be completely gone along with the space they occupied. To make the items visible select the option Show from the Edit menu.

Viewing the Course Page as it Appears to Your Students

You can see the Course page as it appears to your students by selecting Switch view to… from the User Menu in the upper right corner of the screen. In the page that opens select Student. This feature is particularly useful for seeing how the Course page and Gradebook appear to your students. When finished select Return to normal view from the User Menu.


Handling Late Assignments

If late homework assignments are not to be accepted, the close time should be set to the due date on the Settings: Physics Assignment/Quiz page (Course page > click on selected homework assignment > Assignment/Quiz Menu > Edit settings > Timing > Close the Assignment/Quiz). After the close time no more student submissions can be made, therefore late assignments will not be accepted. The instructor still has the ability to give due date extensions to individual students. This can be accomplished on the Student override page (see the section below Extending a Due Date for an Assignment or Quiz).

If late assignments are to be accepted do not set a time for Close the Assignment/Quiz, or set it sometime after your intended due date. You can check which attempts were submitted past the due date on the Student Results page. (See the Instructor Guide Summary Statistics and Student Results.) Click the Completed column header to sort the Student Results table chronologically based on completion (submission) time. This makes it easy to identify students who submitted the assignment after the due date. If it's your policy to penalize a student for a late submission, override the student's score in the gradebook with a new penalized score. (Note: the original score will still remain in the Student Results table.)


Extending a Due Date for an Assignment or Quiz

A closed homework assignment or quiz can be temporarily reopened and a new due date (close date) can be set. This can be done for individually selected students or an entire course section.

Steps to extending a due date for individually selected students:

  1. On the Course page click on the homework assignment or quiz for which the due date should be extended.

  2. Click on Assignment/Quiz Menu in the upper right corner and select Student overrides.

  3. Click the Add student override button.

  4. In the Override student drop-down menu, select the student for which the homework assignment or quiz should be extended.

  5. (Optional) In the Require password field, enter a password that the student will be required to input in order to access the homework assignment or quiz.

  6. Enter the desired open date in the Open the Assignment/Quiz field and be sure Enable is checked. You can choose whether or not to have a close date and a time limit by checking or unchecking Enable for these items.

  7. The Attempts allowed for Assignment/Quiz option corresponds to the total number of attempts the student is allowed to have, including any attempts that may have occurred prior to the override. For example, if you want the student to have one more attempt and he or she has already attempted it once, you must change the Attempts allowed for Assignment/Quiz to 2.

  8. At the bottom of the page click Save.

If you wish to make an override for an entire group (section) of students, you can select Group overrides from the Assignment/Quiz Menu after clicking on the selected homework assignment or quiz.


Universally Changing the Points for a Problem in an Assignment or Quiz

The points assigned to an individual problem in a homework assignment or quiz can be changed at any time. This may be needed should you decide a particular problem was more difficult than originally anticipated and wish to change its point value to zero, or some reduced value, in order to diminish its weight on the total score. This can be done on the View/Add Physics Problems page (Course page > click on selected homework assignment > Assignment/Quiz Menu > View/Add Physics Problems). Click the pencil icon to the right of the problem to input a new point value then press Enter on your keyboard. Student grades will be immediately updated.


Renaming an Assignment or Quiz

You can rename a homework assignment or quiz at any time. Renaming an assignment or quiz is often done when the due date is included in the name and needs to be changed. The most convenient way to do this is to click the Turn Editing On button on the Course page, then click the pencil icon appearing next to the homework assignment or quiz. Edit the name then press Enter on your keyboard when done.


Student Exiting Assignment or Quiz Mid-attempt

When working on an assignment or quiz, students can log off at any time from their Physics LE account and their submitted work will be automatically saved. Students can log in at a later time to pick up where they left off. Note that if an answer is entered in an input field but the Submit Answer button is not clicked by the student, that answer will not be saved.

If a time limit is put on the homework assignment or quiz, once started the time continues to count down regardless if the student navigates away, or logs off, from Physics LE.