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Physics Demonstrations in Sound & Waves is a three-part video program which presents a full range of demonstrations in the areas of sound, vibrations, and wave behavior. The program was developed in an effort to give physics teachers a comprehensive collection of video demonstrations, supplementing the instructor’s live classroom demonstrations. Three-dimensional computer animation is used to augment many of the demonstrations, providing a graphical representation of the physical behavior.

Program Format
Individual demonstrations are 3 to 4 minutes in length and can be quickly accessed using the program's on-screen indexing system. The indexing system allows the teacher to select a particular demonstration and show it at the appropriate time during a unit on sound & waves. The accompanying teacher’s guide gives additional data, information, and suggestions on using the demonstrations to promote further classroom discussion.

Demonstration Selection and Filming Techniques
The selection of demonstrations includes those which are difficult to perform in the classroom and those requiring apparatus not readily accessible to many physics teachers. Detailed observation of the demonstrations is accomplished through use of a filming approach which focuses solely on the apparatus, allowing the teacher to utilize the program in a way which is consistent with his or her personal instructional approach. The voice over narration eliminates the on-screen presenter and allows attention to be directed to the physical behavior being studied.


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Demonstrations Contained in the Program

Physics Demonstrations in
Sound & Waves: Part I

  • Mechanical Resonance:
    Forced Vibrations with Single and Coupled Oscillators

  • Velocity; Wavelength & Frequency; Reflected Waves:
    Transverse Waves on a Coil Spring

  • Change in Medium; Interference:
    Transverse Waves on a Coil Spring

  • Standing Waves:
    Vibrational Modes on a String

  • Longitudinal Waves:
    Propagation; Interference of Longitudinal Waves

  • Longitudinal Standing Waves:
    Stroboscopic Analysis of Standing Wave Behavior

  • Waves in Two-Dimensions:
    Reflection and Refraction of Waves in a Ripple Tank

  • Waves in Two-Dimensions:
    Interference and Diffraction of Waves in a Ripple Tank

Length: 30 Minutes
DVD: $78.00

(Teacher’s Guide Included)

Physics Demonstrations in
Sound & Waves: Part II

  • Nature of Sound Waves:
    Sources and Propagation of Sound

  • Propagation of Sound:
    Direct Measurement of the Speed of Sound in Air and Metal

  • Transmission of Sound through a Medium:
    Attenuation of Sound in a Vacuum

  • Refraction of Sound:
    Carbon Dioxide Sound Lens

  • Interference of Sound:
    Sound Divided into Two Paths of Differing Length

  • Interference of Sound:
    Beat Phenomena

  • Diffraction of Sound:
    Bending of Sound by an Obstacle

  • Doppler Effect:
    Frequency Shift of Moving Sound Source

Length: 30 Minutes
DVD: $78.00

(Teacher’s Guide Included)

Physics Demonstrations in
Sound & Waves: Part III

  • Standing Sound Waves:
    Resonating Air Column with Cork Dust

  • Standing Sound Waves:
    Resonance with Illuminating Gas in a Flame Tube

  • Standing Sound Waves in Two-Dimensions:
    Illuminating Gas in a Resonating Cavity

  • Resonance / Real-Time Strobe Holography:
    Resonant Modes of a Vibrating Bell

  • Vibrations in a Two-Dimensional Surface:
    Chladni Plate

  • Superposition Principle:
    Fourier Analysis & Synthesis of Complex Musical Tone

  • Quality of Sound / Harmonics:
    String Vibrations on a Guitar

  • Frequency Spectrum of Sound:
    Audible and Ultrasonic Waves

Length: 30 Minutes
DVD: $78.00

(Teacher’s Guide Included)