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Student Guide

Entering Equations / Entering Units


Entering Equations

Equations are entered using the same mathematical operators and syntax used in an Excel or Google spreadsheet. You will not be entering the left side of the equation or the equal sign (which already appear outside the input field), only enter an expression. Be sure to pay attention to the displayed equation to ensure the order of operations are as you intended. Use parentheses as needed to group the variables properly.

Important: All multiplication must be entered using the * symbol. For example: a*b must be used, not ab or (a)(b).

Table - Entering Mathematical Operators


Entering Units

The unit can be typed immediately after the numerical value (with a space) in the same input field. If you forget to include the unit you will be prompted to enter it before your answer can be evaluated. Most units can be typed just as they normally appear in a textbook (e.g., kg, m, s, m/s, km/h, N). Units are case sensitive! Be sure to use the same uppercase/lowercase convention as used in a physics textbook.

Table - Units to Note