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Instructor Guide

Calendar and Upcoming Events

The Physics LE Calendar can be used to help your students keep track of upcoming assignment due dates and events in your course. Events added to the instructor’s Calendar become visible on students’ Calendars. Open and close dates that are added to an assignment or quiz on the Settings: Physics Assignment/Quiz page will automatically appear on the Calendar. Events can also be manually added to the Calendar. With a manually added event you can choose if it will be seen by all students in your course, seen only by students in a particular section (group), or seen only by yourself.

Viewing the Calendar and Upcoming Events

The Physics LE Calendar can be accessed by clicking Calendar in the side navigation menu. Clicking on an event within the Calendar will display additional information and allow you to edit the event.

A smaller version of the Calendar is always present on the right side of the Dashboard page. On this Calendar, days with events are highlighted and hovering your cursor over a highlighted day will display the event. The Dashboard page also contains an Upcoming Events area which lists the Calendar events which will be taking place within the next two weeks.

Manually Add an Event to the Calendar

  1. In the side navigation menu click on Calendar.
    (Alternatively, on the Dashboard page go to the small version of the Calendar and click the month title.)

  2. On the Calendar page click the New event button (top-right).
    (Alternatively, click on the Calendar date corresponding to the date of the event.)

  3. For Event title enter a descriptive name for the event.

  4. For Date select the date and start-time for the event.

  5. For Type of event select from the following:
    User - the event will only be visible to you.
    Course section (group) - the event will only be visible to a selected course section (group).
    Course - the event will be visible to all students in the course.
    Note: Course sections (groups) must already be set up within the Course Roster to use this option.

  6. (Optional) In the Description field (under Show more…) enter a detailed description of the event.

  7. Click Save and the event will appear on the Calendar.