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Physics Demonstrations in Light is a two-part video program which presents a full range of demonstrations in the areas of geometrical optics, physical optics, and the nature of light. The program was developed in an effort to give physics teachers a comprehensive collection of video demonstrations, supplementing the instructor’s live classroom demonstrations. The program was designed to meet the needs of high school physics classes as well as introductory level college physics classes.

Program Format
Individual demonstrations are 3 to 4 minutes in length and can be quickly accessed using the program's on-screen indexing system. The indexing system allows the teacher to select a particular demonstration and show it at the appropriate time during a unit on light. The accompanying teacher’s guide gives additional data, information, and suggestions on using the demonstrations to promote further classroom discussion.

Demonstration Selection and Filming Techniques
The selection of demonstrations includes those which are difficult to perform in the classroom and those requiring apparatus not readily accessible to many physics teachers. Detailed observation of the demonstrations is accomplished through use of a filming approach which focuses solely on the apparatus, allowing the teacher to utilize the program in a way which is consistent with his or her personal instructional approach. The voice over narration eliminates the on-screen presenter and allows attention to be directed to the physical behavior being studied.


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Other Videos
Demonstrations Contained in the Program

Physics Demonstrations in
Light: Part I

  • Propagation of Light:
    Determination of the Speed of Light

  • Visible and Infrared Spectrum:
    White Light Dispersed on a Spectrum Recorder

  • Inverse Square Law:
    Light Intensity at Increasing Distances

  • Refraction/Total Internal Reflection:
    Light Incident on a Water-Air Interface

  • Refraction/Schlieren Image:
    Variations in the Index of Refraction of Air

  • Refraction:
    Simulation of Atmospheric Refraction

  • Rayleigh Scattering:
    Blue Sky and Sunset Simulation

  • Laser Theory:
    High Power Carbon Dioxide Laser

Length: 30 Minutes
DVD: $78.00

(Teacher’s Guide Included)

Physics Demonstrations in
Light: Part II

  • Interference/Interferometer:
    Interference of White Light and Laser Light

  • Interference/Interferometer:
    Determination of the Wavelength of Light

  • Diffraction and Interference:
    Double-Slit Interference

  • Diffraction and Interference:
    Single-Slit Diffraction

  • Diffraction and Interference:
    Microwave Diffraction

  • Thin Film Interference:
    Newton’s Rings/Air Wedge with Monochromatic Light

  • Diffraction and Interference:
    Diffraction Patterns Produced by Various Objects

  • Holography:
    The Making of a Hologram

Length: 30 Minutes
DVD: $78.00

(Teacher’s Guide Included)