Amusement Park Physics

Digitized Video Collection and Motion Analysis

Version 2.0 for Windows

Now includes World-in-Motion software

Amusement Park Physics is a complete stand-alone software program that includes everything needed for complete motion analysis of a wide variety of amusement park rides. The package includes a comprehensive collection of digitally imaged amusement park rides taken from a variety of amusement parks across the United States. Motion analysis is performed using World-in-Motion ver 6.0 software — now included with the package!

With Amusement Park Physics, students can investigate the exciting real world physics of amusement park rides. Having gathered position-time data from a number of frames in the digitized video clip, the motion of the ride can be fully studied: time, displacement, velocity, acceleration, momentum, force, and energy can all be readily measured. Students can discover the magnitude of acceleration, or “g’s”, experienced by riders; a roller coaster’s conversion of gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy; and the role of centripetal forces on the motion of rotating rides.



Pricing: (Perpetual License) System Requirements:
Single User: $189.00
Lab-10 License: $389.00
Lab-30 License: $579.00
Unlimited Site License: $790.00
World-in-Motion ver 6.0 software included

Unlimited Site License allows an unlimited number of computers to run the software at one site, student take-home privileges are granted with this license only.
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
  • Pricing shown is a one-time fee for perpetual license.
  • Software is shipped on CD along with user guide.